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Some links I often need, and may help you

Personal web pages I often check

Vinod Vaikuntanathan, homomorphic encryption

Teddy Furon, watermarking and fingerprinting

Patrick Bas, watermarking and steganography

François Cayre, watermarking

Gabor Tardos, fingerprinting, inventor of the Tardos codes

Hans Georg Schaathun, fingerprinting

Koji Nuida, fingerprinting

Stefan Katzenbeisser, fingerprinting, signal processing in the encrypted domain

Ross Anderson

Anne Canteaut, symmetric cryptography and coding theory (conferences deadlines in crypto and coding theory, nice introduction to crypto, notes for classes in C)

Daniel Augot, asymmetric cryptography and coding theory

Cédric Lauradoux, stream ciphers and radio communications

Oded Goldreich, foundations of cryptography

Shafi Goldwasser, fault-tolerant distributed computation

Claudio Orlandi

David Wagner, nice class in cryptography

Amos Fiat, asymmetric cryptography (I like its class in introduction to cryptography)

Donald Knuth, no need to comment ;-)

Alexandre Courbot, embedded operating systems (see also useful links on how to write computer science papers)

Softwares and documentation


Inkscape, to draw freely

Plume : Promouvoir les Logiciels Utiles Maîtrisés et Economiques
dans l'Enseignement Supérieur et la Recherche

Scilab, open source "matlab"

Sage, open source mathematics software

Version control with subversion

LaTeX resources: The TeX catalogue online, TeX, LaTeX and Friends, TeX Live documentation, JabRef BibTeX databases manager, Kpathsea: A library for path searching, displaying a formula, (La)TeX navigator, a series of links focused on PhD thesis writing, Jamie Stevens PhD thesis' style, LaTeX on French wikipedia, some more tips (in French),and now also 

University of Cambridge: a lot of answers to questions about LaTeX, Emacs, Unix, C++, ...

Stack Overflow (good job coudy!)

Maths resources

Probabilités et Statistiques (in French)

Le blog "maths et physique" de Fabien Besnard

Math Overflow


gnurou's web page

xkcd: A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language

How to generate automatically your scientific articles

See also the links provided in the menu on the right -> conferences, events, blogs, ...

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