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The RT-LOTOS (Real-Time LOTOS) language makes it possible to formally describe systems subject to time constraints. It is a process algebra language. It extends the LOTOS language by temporal operators (time, latency, time limited offering).

The RT-LOTOS project was born at LAAS-CNRS. is the official web page of RT-LOTOS project.

RT-LOTOS language is mainly supported by the rtl tool, developped in 1997. The last official release compiles with gcc-2.95. This page summaries efforts to port rtl to current gcc version.

Please note that following source codes was not tested as much as I would wish... Use it at your own risks.

A more stable version ChangeLog RT-LOTOS.0.12-3
Port for gcc 4.0.3 ChangeLog RT-LOTOS.0.12-2
Port of rtl for gcc 3.4.3 by Frederic Lang (Member of the VASY project at INRIA Rhone-Alpes) ChangeLog RT-LOTOS.0.12-1
A local copy of the last official release

Complementary tools

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