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New Adventure!

In february 2011 I have founded Deev Interaction with three other associates (Frédéric Cadier, Gilles Coppin and Jean-Marc Diverrez). Deev specializes in rapid prototyping and evaluation of innovative interactive systems (we have in particular a strong background in C2 systems). I am now acting as CEO of Deev on leave from Télécom Bretagne.

Research Interests

My research focuses on interaction between Humans and artificial  systems. Initially, I worked on "porting" a Human (or bio-inspired) communication paradigm (overhearing) to dynamic group formation in artificial multi-agent systems, and particularly mobile robotics with communication constraints. Afterward, I had the opportunity to  start a line of research on how Activity Theory and the more recent work of Rabardel can give insight into the creation, dissemination and support of knowledge in the context of professional use of information systems.

In the last few years, I was involved in projects dealing with multitouch interaction, with -- again -- an emphasis on professional applications: moving photos on a table is fun for a few minutes, but how (why?) can one leverage multitouch/multiuser interaction for serious business (crisis management, Unmanned Air Vehicle control, etc.)?

Currently, my main research topic is the supervisory control of unmanned systems (typically multi-UAV systems). This broad topic mobilizes -- among others -- cognitive models (e.g. Recognition Primed Decision) of the expert operators, workload models, studies on trust in automation, Human System Interaction, but also Artificial Intelligence for decision support.

Short Bio

1999: received engineering and M.S. degrees from TELECOM Bretagne.
2000: moves to Toulouse, France to start a Ph.D. at ONERA/DCSD under the supervision of Catherine Tessier.
2003: defends thesis entitled "Dynamic organization of teams of autonomous agents through overhearing" at SupAero/ONERA.
2005: moves to Brest to work at TELECOM Bretagne, on various projects graviting around UAV systems & man-machine interaction.
2011: creates Deev Interaction and acts as CEO.


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