Géraldine TEXIER

Géraldine TEXIER

Dépt. Systèmes Réseaux, Cybersécurité et Droit du numérique

Téléphone : 02 99 12 70 38
Télécopie : 02 99 12 70 30
Courriel : geraldine.texier@imt-atlantique.fr
IMT Atlantique
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Short Biography

Géraldine Texier is currently a visiting researcher at INRIA@Silicon Valley, CITRIS, University of California, Campus of Berkeley. She is also an associate professor at the Network, Security and Multimedia department at IMT Atlantique (former Telecom Bretagne). She is a member of Adopnet research team from IRISA. Her current research activities are focused on routing and QoS in communication networks. She works both in finding paths with QoS guarantees in inter-domain context, in Software Defined Networks (SDN) and in the Internet of Things (IoT). In particular, she works on scheduling computation for WSN networks to ensure delivery with QoS requirements, in particular exploiting the determinism offered by the 6TiSCH architecture.

She is involved in several courses on networking and in three MOOCs : « Digital Networks Essentials » on EDX, « Principes des réseaux de Données » and « Routage et Qualité de Service » on FUN


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