Gwendal SIMON

Gwendal SIMON

Maître de Conférences, HDR
Dépt. Systèmes Réseaux, Cybersécurité et Droit du numérique

Téléphone : (+33) 2 99 12 70 48
Télécopie : 02 99 12 70 30
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IMT Atlantique
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PhD position at Blacnkut and IMT Atlantique

We are looking for an enthusiastic computer science nerd for a unique position: A mixed start-up/academic PhD job on cloud gaming. The main idea behind cloud gaming is that the game engine (the part of the game software in charge of rendering the game) runs "in the cloud", i.e., on commoditized servers in data-centers; it gets the gamer actions from the Internet and it delivers the output video as a video stream, which is also delivered through the Internet to the display device of the gamer. 
Your mission will be to optimize the orchestration of game engines in large-scale cloud infrastructure so that the gaming experience is maximized and the operation costs are minimized. Various techniques should be explored to address this problem from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. In particular, the work includes the prediction of the computing requirements of a game, the characterization of games with respect to their genre, the placement of virtual machines in data-centers, and the formal problem formulation.
Blacknut is the most promising french SME working for cloud gaming. The Blacknut service provides a subscription-based unlimited access to a large catalog of games. The cutting-edge cloud platform targets casual gamers. The Blacknut team is located at Rennes.
IMT Atlantique is one of the top master-degree engineering school (Grande Ecole) in France. Within IMT Atlantique, the Adopnet  lab on the Rennes campus, is a leading research lab worldwide in this area. Researchers have a prominent position in the multimedia network and system community. The goal of the lab is to bring the scientific fundamentals to the development of innovative multimedia applications.
The position is a great match for a Master-degree in engineering (computer science, networks, operation research, mathematics), either a geek not afraid of math, or a mathematician not afraid of coding, but ideally somebody who does both math and code. The position is an opportunity to get a valuable experience in a fast-developing start-up, to become a recognized academic researcher, and to obtain a PhD diploma at the end. 
You will work alternatively at Blacknut and IMT Atlantique, in Rennes. You will formally be a Blacknut employee (and so deeply involved into the energizing atmosphere of Blacknut) and will still get a student status through the CIFRE convention. If everything works as planned, you will get an official PhD diploma from IMT Atlantique after three years.
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