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Biographical sketch of Jean-Louis de Bougrenet de la Tocnaye :
Head of the Optics Department, Telecom Bretagne.
Academic cursus : PhD in Optics (1981) Marseille University, licencié ès Lettres (1984) Aix-Marseille University, Doctor ès Sciences (1985) Marseille University.
Scientifical skills: Field of expertise covers: optical signal processing diffraction theory (vortex, axicon, diffractive optics), interferometry and optical properties of liquid crystals with applications in telecoms and optics. World expert in this field, member of several technical committees of international conferences, chairman of the FLC conference and their applications in 1997, he contributed to elaborate the self-imaging theory with applications in optics and telecommunications, stating the 3D self-imaging conditions and analytical expressions for the diffraction of Gaussian beam gratings, with applications in optical communications. He is at the origin of new concepts for dynamic spectral equalizers and wavelength blockers based on normal quantile law, he introduced into optics, as well as the design and manufacturing of fast polarization controllers for PMD compensation. He demonstrated the first tunable VCSEL and cholesteric photonic liquid crystal, both devices based on polymer stabilized liquid crystal technology. Recently, his skills have been applied to new kinds of optical shutters for welding masks and stereo-goggles for 3D cinema. In particular he investigated achromatic large viewing angle active glasses using thin liquid crystal technology as well as chromatic properties of annular linear diffractive axicons for colour splitter/combiner. His attention is focused at the moment on 3D acceptance and ophthalmic and neuro-ophthalmic impacts.
Scientific production : Author and co-author of more than 130 papers in international refereed technical journals as well in conference proceedings, author and co-author of 47 patents.
Professional cursus :
- Universität Dozent, Technische Universität München (1985-1986).
- Professor at the ENST Bretagne since January 1987.
- Professor at the Engineering Department, Cambridge University (1997-1998) and then visiting Professor.
- Chairman, founder and CEO of Optogone SA (spin-off of France Télécom & Groupe des Ecoles des Télécom), specialized in manufacturing passive optical components for optical networks (2001-2004), then CTO.
- Chairman of the Technical Advisory Board of Memscap Group 2005-2007.
- Member of the Executive Committee of the IE-Club (Investors-Entrepreneurs) from 2005 to 2006.
- Chairman, founder of the Evaluation et Recherche fonctions Dynamiques optoélectroniques platform (PERDYN).
- Founder of the company Lixys SA, specialized in welding mask manufacturing.
- Founder of the company Holotetrix, specialized in the design and fabrication of diffractive optics.
- Founder and CTO of the company EyesTripleShut, specialized in design and fabrication of 3D goggles.
- Member of the scientific council “Triangle de la Physique” (Saclay-Orsay-Palaiseau) chaired by Edouard Brézin (chairman of the French Academy of Sciences).
- Founder of the French Observatory for 3D acceptance and comfort 3D Fovea (2009) and CapilR the research platform for wireless over fibre technology.
Awards and distinctions :
- Alexander von Humboldt foundation laureate (1985, Nachrichtentechnik),
- Churchill College Fellow, Cambridge University (1997),
- Laureate of the Anvar special Award 2001 for innovation and technological transfer,
- Laureate of the Capital IT 2002innovation award and Cambridge Entrepeneurship 2002,
- Fellow of the Optical Society of America (OSA) 2005,
- Laureate of the SPIE Technical Achievement Award 2006.
- French Academy of Technologies Award finalist (
- Award for Outstanding Paper in ‘Sensors and Sensing Systems’ 2009
Innovation & spin-offs : Founded and steered 4 companies : Optogone raised 9M€ in 2001, acquired end 2004 by MEMSCAP, Lixys (June 2006), Holotetrix (April 2007) and EyesTripleShut in 2008. Author of 46 patents with international extensions. Some exploited by : Sfim ODS, Orange, Alcatel-Lucent, Memscap, Lixys, JDS Uniphase. Two patents transferred to NKE Electronics (oceanographic sensors). Technical advisor for innovation to the French Ministre Délégué à la Recherche, François Goulard (April 2006-March 2007).
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