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Short Bio

Laurent BRISSON received a Ph.D degree in Computer Science from UNSA (Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France) in 2006 and his Master Degree (DEA Informatique, UNSA) in 2003. During his Ph.D he worked on the integration of expert knowledge in data mining processes in order to extract relevant (from human point of view) information.

Since 2007, he has been Associate Professor at TELECOM Bretagne (France), a prestigious french graduate engineering school and international research center in the field of information technologies.

Research interests


Since 2007, my research has been in the field of data mining, but my research has focused on the consideration of humans at some point in the data analysis process.

Thus, for example, my work has focused on taking into account the subjective interest of a business expert in evaluating excavation models, defining scoring models to raise awareness of the risk of breast cancer in primary prevention among populations, and taking into account the feelings of users in text classification algorithms.

Currently, my work is focused on the analysis of social networks, with a particular focus on two themes: the propagation of information in these networks (where information can be a message, an opinion, a feeling, etc.) and the consideration of interactions between users taking into account their evolution over time. A scientific lock related to these subjects is to allow a business expert (security, community management or marketing expert for example) to understand and be able to use the proposed models. This is why I am now interested in the contribution of 3D visualization and collaboration around different peripherals (screens, RV headset) to propose relevant visualizations to allow these experts to have an intuitive understanding of the results proposed by data analysis algorithms.



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