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I am currently associate professor at IMT Atlantique on campus of Rennes.

Before that, I was associate professor at ENSAI, the national school for Statistics and Information Analysis, where I am managing the Data scientist specialization, during two years. Before that, I was research and teaching assistant at University of Rennes during one year.

My research mainly focuses on models, safety and performance of distributed systems. I felt in these fields just after having received my engineering degree in computer science from University of Rennes 1 in 2006. At this time, I have started working on fault tolerance in the specific field of intrusion detection systems in the context of DADDi project. Then, I worked on  byzantine fault tolerance in large scale distributed systems in the context of P2PIm@ges project. In 2010, I joined Supelec for one year to work on anomaly based intrusion detection systems in the context of DALI project.

In 2011, I was funded by Inria and Technicolor to prepare my phD on fault characterization in large scale networks. I am currently focusing my research on Blockchain protocols and their guarantees.

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