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Research activities

In brief

  • Statistical signal processing
  • Spectrum analysis and array processing
  • Adaptive signal processing
  • Monte Carlo simulation techniques
  • Digital communications
  • Radar signal processing
  • Applications: oceanic tomography, seismic signals processing, application of subspace techniques, UMTS , radars for cars

In past years, I have been interested in signal processing research activities ranging from array processing (covariance matrix estimation, adaptive eigenvalue decomposition), underwater acoustics (multi-paths channel estimation by means of penalized and bayesian techniques) and acoustics seismic (blind deconvolution of seismic records) to spread-spectrum communications (iterative and turbo receivers design, multiple output radio-communication platform) and speech processing (voice modelling and voice conversion).

More recently, I have been involved in projects related to GPS-Galileo receivers (multi-paths deconvolution and interference mitigation of radio-astronomy observations), radar processing (waveforms design to achieve good ambiguity functions and estimators performance bounds) for airborne systems and driving aid, speech compression (by means of empirical mode decompositions and amplitude-frequency decompositions) and MIMO techniques for powerline communications.

At present time, I am interested in designing orthogonal waveforms families with prescribed spectra for radar and communication applications. Also, I am interested in investigating nonparametric Bayesian estimation of density distributions that has recently shown its strong interest to solve signal processing problems.

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